Practical Self Sufficiency

book - practical self sufficiencyWant to save on your fuel bills, ready to grow your own, reduce your carbon footprint, and take the self-sufficient plunge? Click on the icon to check out Dick and James’s complete guide based on years of experience and aimed at everyone, from those planning their future to those trying to live self sufficiently. They show how to make the practical changes that will have a big impact on your life. Sharing their experiences, tips and techniques, the Strawbridges provide all the step-by-step advice you need for successful eco projects, large and small. Find it on Amazon.

Made at Home

book - made at home 1Whether you live in the city, town or the country lover, it’s easy to have a go at the Good Life. Dick and James have produced these ‘how-to’ guides with every technique featuring step-by-step, practical instruction, tips and advice, and dozens of delicious recipes to inspire you. ¬†There are 6 books in the series. ¬†Find it on Amazon.

Eggs & Poultry

Curing & Smoking




Cheese & Diary